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Almost everyone needs or wants more money coming in, and as a result, most people have considered starting a business that will produce some sort of extra income. The trouble many people find with starting a new business, however, is the challenge of fitting a “second job" into their time schedules.

While it's true that most people are busy, extra time for starting a business or some sort of home-based extra income-producing project can almost always be found. It may mean dedicating part of the time you devote to your favorite pastimes - such as playing a round of golf or watching TV - but if in starting a business you score big with extra income, you will have all the time you want, for doing whatever you want! After all, what would you rather do, pay for playing a round of golf for a day or pay for a year-round membership to the country club?

CWR Electronics can help you achieve your goals!

Starting a business at home, or what is commonly known as the “cottage industry,” is an old-fashioned enterprise that is enjoying a revival so strong that it's difficult to ascertain just how many people have started or are starting a small business at home. Because women now enter business at a rate five times faster than men, the trend of starting a new business from home is growing faster than ever. All it really takes to begin for many businesses – especially those selling products from a website – is some basic equipment, such as a telephone and computer with online access, and a place to do business, such as the kitchen or spare room.

As you explore the questions that are surely swirling throughout your head regarding starting a business at home, we here at CWR Electronics would like to ask for a minute or two of your time and tell you why we feel starting a new business at home as a CWR dealer may be right for you.

The first step in starting a small business is to ask yourself this important question: "Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?" Make no mistake about it – studying the characteristics of successful business owners will help you to tell whether your personality traits, experiences, and values are similar to those who have succeeded. At CWR, we are of the belief that a person's experience, skills, and life goals all will play a part in helping you decide if you want to invest the energy, time, and resources that successful entrepreneurship requires. If you can draw a positive answer from all of these and the lure of starting a new business still beckons, you are the perfect candidate for a CWR Electronics dealer!

What CWR Electronics can do for dealers starting a new business

CWR stocks a full warehouse literally packed with thousands of quality consumer electronic items from name-brand manufacturers such as Cobra, Garmin, Humminbird, Magellan, Nikon, Jensen, Shakespeare and lots more. When starting a business online, as the majority of our dealers do, we will provide pictures and descriptions of our products for posting on our dealers' website. When a sale is made, our dealers really only need to track the flow of paperwork and make sure payments are properly made. With the advent of online pay services like Pay Pal, even that aspect of the sale is now made easy. Once all payments are made for the product, we ship it from our warehouse directly to the retail customer using our dealer's shipping labels and packing slips. As far as the customer knows, the product came from our dealers warehouse, when in actuality…

…our dealer's business may consist of no more than the corner of a bedroom!

Become part of the CWR Electronics family. Click here to be taken to our online dealer application or call us at 800-527-3306 for more information on our home based business opportunities. Let a CWR dealership take you to where you want to be!

CWR focuses on helping our dealers establish an edge through competitive pricing and superior customer service. We want people who are considering starting a new business as a CWR dealer to know what they can expect from us before committing. We make it a point to ensure our dealers that are starting a business that whether they choose to be home-based selling quality electronic products online or whether they'll be incorporating CWR products into existing product lines in a typical brick-and-mortar storefront, they will receive the same level of stellar customer service we are famous for. Our guarantee is to meet or exceed their expectations with each and every order we ship – order size and shipping destination notwithstanding. We are confident that this level of service creates a win-win situation for both CWR and anyone considering starting a small business from home that can eventually be grown into a larger enterprise.

Starting a business as a CWR dealer, you will be drawing product from what we feel is the premier master distribution center for electronics in the world!

When starting a business as a CWR dealer, you will never find us in a bidding war with you. As electronics distributors, shipping product to your customers on time is our job; selling it to them at a fair price is yours!

Exporting for those starting a small business

Exporting is growing by leaps and bounds and those starting a small business are beginning to realize that the world can truly be their market. Many CWR dealers export successfully on a daily basis. A business does not have to be big to sell in the global marketplace. In fact, starting a business from home expressly for that purpose is perfectly acceptable with the proliferation of e-commerce. Starting a new business to compete in the world market is similar to starting a new business in a domestic market – it takes hard work and tenacity to realize success.

Although many thousands of small firms are already in the global market, small firms still represent the largest pool of potential exporters. Small firms already account for almost a quarter of all exporters, and survey results show substantial export growth potential for this size firm. This is encouraging news for those considering starting a business as a CWR dealer.

If others can do it…why not you?

Become part of the CWR Electronics family. Click here to be taken to our online dealer application or call us at 800-527-3306 for more information on our home based business opportunities. Let a CWR dealership take you to where you want to be!


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